My 27 Dates This Year

May 13th, 2015

I have found something in my life that offers me new adventures on a weekly basis. What I’m about to tell you might make you think that I’m a bad person, but I’m not. I simply like to enjoy different experiences.

When I use a fuck buddies site, I don’t look for a girlfriend or a girl I want to marry. I look for a date. It is called a dating site, after all. Since the beginning of this calendar year, I have been on 27 different dates with 27 different women. I guess you could say that I like to try a lot of different flavors.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t sleep with most of these women. That does happen from time to time, but it’s rare. I’m more interested in getting to know the person inside. That intrigues me. The way I look at it, the more people I get to know, the more I get out of life.

Rest in peace

April 16th, 2015

I had my German Shepherd for almost nine years and then about a month ago things turned bad quick! This dog was one hundred and thirty pounds with a beautiful black on brown shiny coat. He was a big dog and would not harm a flee.

Before I left to run to the store I had let him outside and returned twenty minutes later to find him paralyzed. By the end of that night, I had to make a hard decision and put him down.

Off to the bar I went and the drinks were going to so good, along with the tears rolling down my face. Later that night I had met a female from the Leeds escorts agency and we had a blast until the sun came up the next morning.

We have been talking ever since and I am happy, I miss my little buddy! Rest in peace boy!

Well-Paid Bartender

April 6th, 2015

I went to bartending school many years ago and it’s the best thing that I could of ever done for a great career. I’ve worked at different establishments and I am very happy with the employer that I work for currently. The bar is always packed with people stopping in to get lunch, dinner, have drinks and listen to the live bands. I have my regulars that come in and tip my very well, each and every time that they come in.

Many of the customers that come in to see me always tell me how much they love my live sex videos online. I think that is another reason why I get paid so well at my job because the other girls that I work with don’t. Most of the girls that I work with are jealous of me and they are always trying to get me in trouble.

Fringe Benefits!

January 27th, 2015

My company sent me to handle some loose ends at our branch over in Cardiff and oh what an experience it did become. I was sent there for a two day one night stay, so there was really no time to tour anywhere.After business on the first day my co-worker invited me to a annual dinner party for a business associate of his and it was only for couples. Once I explained that I did not have a partner to attend, my colleague told about me about Derby escorts. That this was a group of high class beauties that would provide for me a date to attend the party.When I called them, I got to choose the girl of my choice. We attended the party and after words she informed me that she was mine for all night. The next day on my flight back home, I was exhausted but could not get the exciting night before out of my head.

Ways to Find Work

January 17th, 2015

Being unemployed is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, the unemployment rate has been higher the past few years than it ever was before. It is very important to be proactive in finding employment. After all, a new opportunity will not come knocking on your door unless it knows your searching for one. There are several ways to go about seeking a new position.

First step is to maintain your focus. Finding new employment opportunities requires the same dedication, hard work, and persistence. Get the resume out and start updating it. Update your contacts, work history, and cover letter. And finally, start searching for the positions you desire through the papers, online, and staffing agencies. These three employment searches are the best option for finding London escort jobs.

If unemployment has affected you, don’t get depressed, get proactive. A better opportunity will come you way before you realize it.

The Search is On

January 13th, 2015

For some reason my boss has found it necessary to cut everyone’s hours, making our take home pay drop like crazy. Ever since the change took place I have been searching for another job to help me pay my bills. Really the only places I have found that are hiring are places like London Gatwick escorts, local bars and very few convenient stores. I never thought I would have to look for another job but it is the only way I can keep up on bills and all “materialistic” things my daughter thinks she needs. I could very easily make due with what my job is now paying me now, but it is always nice to have some extra cash on the side in case of an emergency. Or in case my daughter concocts a new plan to get more money out of me.

Bad Day At Work

December 29th, 2014

My day was off to a bad start and I was not in the mood to deal with anything by 10:00 am. I woke up and took a shower and when I got out I had realized that I forgot to wash my work clothes, so I had to wear dirty ones. My car had been acting funny the last couple of days and of course I get in it and it would not turnover for me. I called my coworker that lives around the corner and he picked me up, we were late for work.

The boss on the job actually chewed me up and down for about 15 minutes and it seemed like forever. On the way home I had my coworker stop at the beer store so that I could grab me a 12 pack, I had ever intention to suck every single one of them down by bedtime. When I got home I called my fuck buddy over and the rest of the day went great!